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The UCL Institute for Global Prosperity aims to transform how we make decisions, the kinds of evidence and reasoning on which our decisions are based, and the cultural, legal and policy tools we have at our disposal.

The globalised world we live in faces many challenges. New science and technology research offers many potential futures, but if one had to choose one integrated project to be addressed by a university with all the disciplinary resources at its disposal, it would surely be that of how we will sustain human societies on this planet in a way that ensures the prosperity and wellbeing of all.

The problem of sustainable prosperity is not just a set of challenges about how to manage resources better or develop new technologies, but a much more fundamental one of values and behaviour change, about how to think and act quite differently. To do this we will need to rethink the fundamentals of human and societal prosperity, and the models and methods we use for this purpose, as well as the role of research and the purpose of the university more generally.

Image credits: Jan Hoffmann, Lensational; Carolyn Williams, UCL Institute for Global Prosperity

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Senior Lecturer applications open

Senior Lecturer applications open

13 August 2015

An exciting opportunity has arisen in the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) for a Senior Lecturer. The post holder will be required to carry out research, teaching, knowledge transfer and policy development in ...
Newham 50th Anniversary

Newham 50th Anniversary

03 August 2015

On the first weekend of August, the IGP hosted its first community event at the Newham 50th Anniversary festival: a celebration of Newham borough and its communities. The IGP's Mobile Research Station ...
The Mediterranean migrant crisis has big business and climate change at its roots

The Mediterranean migrant crisis has big business and climate change at its roots

14 July 2015

With the surge of migrants crossing the Mediterranean, and the tragic deaths of those who attempted the trecherous journey, politicians have come up with 'sticking plaster' solutions to the issue. Professor Henrietta Moore ...
’Let’s be honest about immigration’: Prof. Henrietta Moore’s article in the Telegraph demands a reconsideration of the dominant immigration narrative

’Let’s be honest about immigration’: Prof. Henrietta Moore’s article in the Telegraph demands a reconsideration of the dominant immigration narrative

In an article for the Telegraph, Professor Henrietta Moore debates the appropriateness of media responses to immigration. She uses the facts to bring to bear a less-discussed question: why are so many people ...
London Assembly supports GLNP

London Assembly supports GLNP

On 3 June the London Assembly unanimously passed a motion calling for the "Mayor to support the organisation in developing its vision, in particular by setting out how the Greater London Authority and ...

The Humanities in Europe Interview Series features Henrietta Moore

As part of an interview series curated by the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University, Professor Henrietta Moore speaks about the significance of interdisciplinary research. She touches on her solutions-based approach to ...

The Commonwealth: a giant laboratory for new economic and social models

The concept of a Commonwealth seems somewhat antiquated. Its member states are slowly distancing themselves from the former British Empire, apparently in agreement that the Commonwealth is due to be consigned to history ...

The end of development: Henrietta Moore debates the relevance of ‘development’ in the 21st century, to be broadcast on BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4

In a lecture delivered as part of the BBC World Service’s ‘A Richer World’ season, Professor Henrietta Moore argued that the top-down model of development is outdated. The 21st century, its particularities ...

The Greater London National Park City conference shows strong support for the green initiative

The Reimagine London conference held at the Southbank Centre last week saw planning practitioners, campaigners, academics and politicians gather to show their support and share their ideas for what a Greater London National ...



Lensational logo

Lensational and the Institute for Global Prosperity have recently formed an exciting partnership to promote innovative and viable solutions at the cross-roads between entrepreneurship, photography and women's empowerment.



Counterpoint logo

Counterpoint often works in partnership with academic institutions and has just signed a collaboration agreement with UCL’s new Institute for Global Prosperity. This is an opportunity for both organisations to benefit mutually from access to state-of-the-art research.


George Mason University

George Mason University logo

The collaboration between the Institute for Global Prosperity and George Mason University arises not merely from the mutual pursuit of a new set of questions about the relationship between demographic change and political change.


Greater London National Park

Greater London National Park Logo

The Greater London National Park City is a movement of individuals and organisations that are working to make London a new kind of national park.